Brent Bode, Community Rowing – Panelist

Brent Bode is entering his eighth year as a teacher-coach at Community Rowing Inc. He works within many programs including the competitive youth Girls teams, recreational youth rowing, corporate rowing, & adult novice activities. In addition, he instructs incoming fellows in CRI’s Institute for Rowing Leadership (IRL) program. His work specializes on teaching novice coaches and athletes and he researches contemporary issues in youth sports. Additionally (and most important) the competitive girls team continually meets its mission — to enable each student-athlete’s character to blossom respectfully, to inspire extraordinary performances, and ultimately to improve our community’s well being through the pursuit of honorable victory in athletic competition.

A passion for speed, for learning, and an everlasting curiosity are the building blocks of Coach Bode’s vocational drive. In an earlier time he served as assistant auto racing instructor at the Bridgestone Racing Academy at Mosport Park, Ontario, CA, and a Formula 2 driver. He rowed as a non-traditional student in the lightweight 8+ for the Dowling College Lions, and served a 5-year tenure as assistant to Athletic Training at Elite Sports Medicine, Long Island, NY.

Coach Bode holds a Master’s degree in Exercise & Sports Studies from Smith College, and is a long-time member of the NSCA. His hobbies include: cycling, research in teaching & learning, the study of being human, and is an avid fan of Formula 1 motorsport.

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